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The Princess and the Frog, Movie Review.

This has just come in from the Daily Disney Blog at the Orlando Sentinel Website!! I cant wait to do my own review but I have to wait until February 5th......Stupid UK release dates.

"Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is an instant classic and one of the year’s best films. An enchanting story told with a healthy helping of heart, it marks a return to the style of animation that made Walt Disney’s studio famous. And it’s a return to form for a studio that milked 2D animated fairytales to death in the ‘90s.

Disney’s first African American “princess” tale is set in Roaring ‘20s New Orleans, with the classic frog prince story translated to hard-working waitress Tiana (voiced by Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose) who tries to help a suave frog (Bruno Campos, very Antonio Banderas) become a prince again with a kiss. But she’s not a real princess, and the ne’er-do-well prince, Naveen, who is visiting “N’awlins” to soak up the jazz and marry a rich girl, needs to learn the value of hard work and true love. So Tiana is transformed into a frog, too, and each of them learns a better way to live and love as they’re dodging gators and the minions of The Shadow Man (Keith David, perfect) who has set up a fake prince with designs on finally having the money to rule the city.

Disney summoned its Little Mermaid team to direct this, and John Musker and Ron Clements zero in on the emotional center of the story even as they and their co-writers find jokes and jokey characters to juice this thing up. So we see Tiana grasp that achieving her dream — her own restaurant — without love would be empty, and Naveen learn to think of someone other than himself.

There are story elements borrowed from many a Disney ‘toon, even The Jungle Book, as and a trumpet-playing gator wants to be human so he can blow that jazz. Musker and Clements even name a blue tick hound “Stella” just so Big Daddy La Bouff can summon his dog Tennessee Williams style.


Big Daddy spoils his daughter Lottie (Jennifer Cody, an adorably daft voice to match her character), but never thinks of lending his daughter’s lifelong pal Tiana the money to open her own restaurant. That’s just as well, as this movie’s “hard work” ethos suggests that she wouldn’t take anyway.

Randy Newman, a songwriter with deep New Orleans roots, conjures up a dazzling collection of tunes, with a couple of gospel-inspired call-and-response show-stoppers — “I’m Almost There” and “Dig a Little Deeper” (a bayou chorus of roseate spoonbills!). And if this lyric doesn’t give the city a new theme song — “Rich people, poor people, all got dreams. And dreams do come true in New Orleans” — somebody’s missing the riverboat.

Musker and Clements invent a great new Disney villain in The Shadow Man, and, like Walt and the Brothers Grimm, don’t shy away from letting death show its face, lending urgency and poignancy to the tale.

It’s been 20 years since The Little Mermaid, but with this classic story classically told, The Princess and the Frog can proudly take its place among Disney’s great princess pictures. Yes, “EVERY little girl is a princess” is true. And if the spirited Tiana inspires more African American princesses to don tiaras, their daddies will just have to live with it.

See for Yourself

The Princess and the Frog

Four stars out of four

Cast: The voices of Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Keith David, John Goodman, Oprah Winfrey, Terrence Howard

Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker

Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes

Industry rating:. G "

Review Written by Roger Moore (not the Bond Actor).

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Friday, 16 October 2009

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

The Inaugural Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon will be run at night on a brand new half marathon course at the Walt Disney World Resort! This race experience will be the ultimate "Runner's Night Out". The course will wind through theme parks and new entertainment and finish inside Epcot for an exclusive after hours Epcot International Food & Wine Festival experience for runners, friends and family. Mark your race calendars now for the race weekend with a party you don't want to miss - October 1-2, 2010!

Registration opens November 16, 2009 at

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Liberty Tree Tavern Now has Character!

It always has had character!!! But during the refurbishment of the popular Crystal Palace Restaurant the Liberty Tree Tavern will be housing Winnie the Pooh and friends and offering a "family style" Character Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The change will take place from January 3rd 2010 until February 15th 2010.

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We are back!

After a long break the Disneyman Podcast will be returning in January 2010! We hope to bring you the latest news, rumours and views from Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Resort Paris!

Each show will be out every week and be around 20-30 mins long.

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Fantasyland Expansion Blueprints!

Could this be happening to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom?
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Teaser Trailer for Disney's Alice in Wonderland!

The Trailer looks so cool! Its a shame my local cinema doesnt have 3d but I am sure it would be great whatever! Director Tim Burtons style paired with the fantastic characters Lewis Carrol created fills me with alot of excitement!
Here is the trailer link

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Episode 4 of the Disneyman Podcast is out on Saturday July 25th

So Please Please Please send an email/voicemail about whats you favourite Disney park show and why to! we need loads more!!! deadline July 24th! And it will be featured on Episode 4.

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Toy Story Concept Art

This concept art has been realeased for the Hong Kong's "Toy Story Land", as we know the "Walt Disney Studios Paris" will be getting "Toy Story Playland" in 2010 and the rides shown in the Hong Kong concept art match those spoken of for paris. Judging the Hong Kong concept art It doesn't grab me and we all know that the finished product rarely looks as good as concept art. Aswell as this I don’t really see anything that I personally would like to ride. They all look like childrens rides, rather than family rides. This being said this concept art is for Hong Kong NOT for paris but from all we have seen about the WDS "Toy Story Playland" it seems its going to be very similar (apart from a different character here and there).

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Episode 3 is OUT

Episode 3 of the Disneyman Podcast is Live on Itunes!!! Make sure you Subscribe and Download it!

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Monday, 29 June 2009

I am on holiday this week so the site wont be updated until July 12th. Hope you understand.

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Disneyman Podcast Episode 2 is OUT!

Episode 2 of the Disneyman Podcast has now hit the internet. Head onto Itunes or the Official Website to Download the show!

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Goodbye Captain EO

Michael Jackson's unique blend of soul, funk and rock made him the biggest pop act in the world. He had unmistakable talent and sold records by the million - and broke records too. He will be forever remembered and for Disney fans he will have a special place in our memories as Captian EO in the 3d film of the same name. The film is no longer found in Disney Parks. I wish goodbye to a true musical genius and a Disney legend.

Michael Joseph Jackson

Here is a link to a clip from Captain EO

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Disney Desserts and Firework Fun!

Last Tuesday a brand new nightly event started in the Magic Kingdom at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. Its a dessert party with a special viewing of Wishes nighttime spectacular.

The Fireworks Dessert Party gives guests a chance to arrive one hour prior to "Wishes" and enjoy a self-service buffet featuring a wide range of desserts, sweets treats and beverages.

The price is $17.99 for ages 10 and over and $9.99 for ages 3 - 9. Park admission to Magic Kingdom Park is required. Prepayment will be required reserving seats for this event in advance. Reservations are not required but are highly recommended due to the anticipated popularity of this experience. Seating is limited. Space permitting, seating for walk-ups may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

I don't think this is bad at all. We all know how tough it can be to get a great spot for the fireworks, and the photos and reviews I have seen on what desserts are on offer it looks like a really good value event. Hopefully they will extend dates because so far booking are only up until August 28th 2009 and I want to go one day :)

Call (407) WDW-DINE to make reservations.

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Monday, 22 June 2009

We have a 1000th Visitor!

Popular Irish personality "Andrew Nolan" has become our 1000th visitor. We congratulate him. And here is to the next 1000!!!

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Disneyman Podcast Episode 1 is up.

The Disneyman Podcast episode 1 has arrived on Itunes (and a day early)!!! Get Subscribing and Downloading.

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Diana in Disney.

What will be filling the space of the Virgin Megastore?

"LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Inc. (PPCF) is bringing “DIANA–The People’s Princess” – a major new exhibit of royal artifacts – to Walt Disney World Resort. Opening in early July 2009, this limited-time experience showcases the life and story of Princess Diana, one of the most iconic and inspirational figures in recent history, including a sampling of the royal dresses Diana chose to auction for charity and hundreds of authentic artifacts relating to her life.

“DIANA–The People’s Princess” exhibit will be held in a 17,500-square-foot setting at Downtown Disney West Side adjacent to DisneyQuest. This unique exhibition is one of the largest collections of royal dresses and rare artifacts ever assembled for an American audience which provides an in-depth historical perspective of her life. The exhibit includes five rarely seen royal dresses worn by Princess Diana.

As part of this unique experience, guests will come to understand:

The stories of Diana’s own childhood and ancestry and how that lineage was influential in her selection as the future bride of HRH Charles, The Prince of Wales, the future King of England.
Her magical royal wedding which was viewed by over 750 million people from around the globe; her favorite role as “mum” to princes William and Harry.
Kensington Palace, the royal residence where Diana lived from the moment she became the Princess of Wales until her death and which today plays an active role in preserving her charitable legacy.
The historical significance of her role as Princess of Wales and the impact she had through that role on the fashion industry and charitable landscape.
How at the Christie’s “Sale of The Century,” 79 of Diana’s royal dresses were sold to benefit charities which helped position her as an astute philanthropist.
Her untimely passing and the massive media and public interest in the tragedy.
The charitable impact still being recognized through her gowns and personal effects.

A hint at some of the items on display:

Royal Doulton figurine of Diana in her wedding dress – Made in 1981 at the time of the royal wedding, the doll is wearing an exact replica of the famous wedding dress.

The Black Velvet “V” Neck – Designed by Bruce Oldfield and worn by Diana for her official royal portrait in 1985.

Wedding Breakfast booklet – Contains guest names and two tickets to observe the bride and bridegroom before and following the wedding ceremony in the quadrangle at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

Three-foot doll of Diana as a young girl – Released by the Great American Doll Company in 1998 as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales."

Hmmm ok. So how is this relevant to Downtown Disney? A place where you are supposed to be able to let your hair down, have fun and chill out. How on earth is it a suitable place to put a museum about what is effectively a dead British princess? The Downtown Disney clientele are usually (from my experience) looking for a fun time, is it a fun time learning about Dianas "untimely passing and the massive media and public interest in the tragedy"? What wise guy thought this would be a great place to house such a sensitive exhibit? I understand if they have an empty space they should fill it but at least make it relevant to Disney Park goers. It seems almost distasteful. Bad move Disney. Bad Move.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Get your ADRs online!

Online reservations are now available for Disney restaurants at the following address

I know, I know its about time too!!! I was using it yesterday picking out places to eat and I have to say that I was very impressed. It is very easy to use, efficient and informative. You select the day and time that you would like to eat in a particular restaurant and it shows you the availability. If your desired restaurant is full it offers other available restaurants in local to your first choice. Also if you have dietary restrictions you can state them easily on your reservation. Which will come in useful with my fatal allergy to tree nuts. (I'm not kidding). I will certainly be using this way of booking next time I head out to the World as it saves hanging on the phone being charged international rates just to hear "I'm sorry sir Le Celliers is fully booked"!

Have a magical day!


Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration Ends Soon!

Why it seems like only yesterday that I was writing about "Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration" coming to the "Magic Kingdom". But strong rumours have stated it is expected to close within the next two weeks after being open for ONLY 6 weeks. I wonder why? Well it was tacky, loud, cheap, charmless and had NO decent story. It was adequate entertainment for holiday camps or lesser theme parks but when "Disney" have so many spectacular shows on offer this sub par theatrical offering sticks out like a sore thumb.
Stitch doesn't seem to have much luck in the parks. After the travesty of "Stitch's Great Escape" replacing the stunning "Alien Encounter", and the horrendous dance party in "Disneyland Paris". I suggest that Disney give stitch a break for a while. He is cute and fluffy but he has been way overused. So far we don't know what changes are going to be made to the show or how long it will take. I hope they remove it altogether, but seeing as they already have a stage built I think some kind of show will be returning soon.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

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A big announcement!

I will be hosting a brand new podcast. Its a weekly short News round up! Giving you a bitesize nugget of News and Views. Its still work in progress.......but the first show will be hitting Itunes on June 21st 2009. Join the Facebook group! Follow it on twitter>>>>>>>
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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Taking a break for a week.

I am taking a break from the blog until the middle of next week. Just need to sort a few things out. I hope you understand!!

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Mr Smee has Plastic Surgery in Disneyland Paris.

Dapper Dans must be feeling the pinch so have started a sideline in nipping and tucking! As very recently "Mr.Smee" the popular character from "Peter Pan" has had a face lift.
Here is the before

And the After

He looks alot better. It has certainly given him a tad more "Character"!..............Man I'm funny.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Starbucks in Disney Village is revealed.

The brand new Starbucks has arrived at Disneyland Paris in the Disney Village entertainment district. It looks fantastic, fresh and stylish. I'm so glad that Disney made the effort to build it in keeping with the slow but sure regeneration of Disney village. As far as we know there hasn't been a date announced for opening, but I will let you know as soon as I find out. I definitely will be popping in for a Mocha in September!!

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Photograph from magicforum.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New "Private Areas" in Disney Water Parks.

Starting from last Monday June 1, the WDW water parks are offering visitors the chance to rent a private area for up to 6 guests. The private area will consist of lounge furniture, tables, towels, private lockers and offer guests all-day drink mugs, bottled water,and the use of a server. There are 4 private areas offered right now in each water park on a first come, first served basis and the cost of this is $250 plus tax for a day. The names of the private areas are "Beachcomber Shacks" in "Typhoon Lagoon" and "Polar Patios" in "Blizzard Beach".

This is a complete and utter rip off in my opinion.
The photos show the "Private area to be some beach loungers shoved together under a canopy. The surroundings look uninspiring to say the least, and most people bring there own bottled water anyway. You can quite easily find a nice area to rest in comfort within these exceptionally attractive Water parks without spending this appalling amount of money. The price doesn't even include food of any kind. And in my experience people do not usually spend their whole day in the Water parks either.
The only people who are likely to rent these paddocks out are going to be the "too rich to care" or the "too stupid to care". Some will argue that it is much cheaper when you break the cost between 6 people but $41 each plus the recently inflated admission to the water parks and the likely hood of wanting a bite to eat (not included in the private area) the price will end up well over $100 per person for a glorified shed. Disney have made a very bad move. When people are struggling to pay the bills and afford a vacation this is not the time to rip people off.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Virgin Store is transforming!

Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney has been closed for a little while as expected but things are starting to move along at a fair pace. After closing down 3 weeks before its original shut down date, the Virgin signage has been taken down and the windows have been plastered with posters saying "Celebrate Today" hiding anything that may be happening inside the building. For all we know could be the rumoured Imax or Apple store, or NOTHING could be happening. That being said, the fact it closed 3 weeks early makes me think changes will be taking place soon if not already.

The billboards around the store that used to advertise music albums etc have all been replaced with adverts for existing Downtown Disney attractions and shops.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Its been a little quiet news wise this week I suppose. But a cool bit of Disney news is the release of the Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer. It gives away no story but its still very cool none the less.

Click the link to watch it.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Disneyland Paris 3D on Google Earth Update!

Disneyland Paris have updated there Official website to include photos and a really cool video trailer of the new 3d service. I really suggest you check out the video at,
It gave me goosebumps :)

Have a Magical Day


Ps. I am appearing on this weeks DisneyBrit Podcast in the news and rumours section. It was alot of fun recording the show even if I have a shoddy mic! You can find the Disney Brit Podcast at

Monday, 25 May 2009

New Hard Ticket event at Disneyland Paris!!

A brand new hard ticket event has arrived at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

Called "Disney Disco Night".

Taking place on September 26th 2009 at 8.30pm-2am. The only information I have on it so far is that guest will be able to Dance the night away to Disco music with the WDS being converted into a huge open air dance floor. The evening will also include guest access to certain WDS rides and attractions such as "Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith", "Armageddon : les Effets Spéciaux", "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror", "Studio Tram Tour", "Cars Quatre Roues Rallye", "Crush’s Coaster" and "Flying Carpets Over Agrabah").

Tickets cost 29,00 EUR each inc parking.

I'm missing this event by two days, but quite frankly from what I have seen so far I'm not bothered about it myself (not being a Disco Fan) but if your are of the Disco Disposition and want to experience the WDS park after hours this is the event for you. I think that the WDS is the perfect park for something like this, having alot of open space, but to be honest it isn't really my cup of tea.
Here is a link in french only

Have a magical day!


Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Toy Story 3 Character Revealed!!

I know this isn't exactly Disney theme park news but its Disney related so cut me some slack.
The Toy Story 3 team have revealed that a new "Toy Story 3" character has been hidden in one of the scenes of the new Pixar "Up" movie.

Pixar said: "There's a shot where a little girl is in her room and the house goes by. She's playing with her toys. She's playing with her little plane. She gets up, and she looks [out the window] – under her bed is one of the new stars of 'Toy Story 3'. You have to look close."

Many took a closer look at the scene that appears in the "Up" trailer and found several items under the bed, including a teddy bear, slippers, and a potato chip/crisp.

Here are a few pics

It was later confirmed that the teddy bear WAS the new character and his name is "Lotto"! Looks cute, and who knows, maybe "Lotto" will be appearing in Toy Story Playland in Disneyland Paris??

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Disneyland Paris NOW IN 3D on Google Earth!

Being an insomniac has its advantages if you are a Disney Blogger. I was looking at Disneyland Paris on google earth in the early hours of today when I noticed that park rides/hotel etc were all tagged with official Disney Labels and it struck me! IT HAS ARRIVED!! Disneyland Paris can NOW be seen on google earth in all its 3 dimensional goodness and I can say it looks really great.

Check it out on google earth

And the Official Disneyland Paris web page for the 3d project
(so far it hasn't been updated)(surprise!)

Have a magical day!


Robobama Does the Robot!

The following article is from yesterdays New York times-Animatronic

Obama Going to Disney World With High-Tech Style
Published: May 21, 2009
LOS ANGELES — Barack Obama was standing on a riser inside a warehouse here, delivering an inspirational speech about the blessings of freedom, when his left index finger began to twitch uncontrollably, unnerving his aides.

The nation’s 44th president was in obvious distress. At least it looked like him. But with silicone skin and a tangled nest of wires for veins, this Obama was a 21st-century reproduction.

More specifically, it was an audio-animatronic representation of the president, as imagined by the Walt Disney Company, and assembled with the direct involvement of the White House staff — and of Mr. Obama himself. The president supplied not just his measurements, but he also recorded that speech (which was initially drafted by a Disney writer) — and yet another recitation of the oath of office, this one in Disney high-definition sound.

In that Hollywood building here, the life-size, three-dimensional figure was being put through its final tune-up, its chin rising and hands gesturing in response to technicians, in preparation for shipment to the Hall of Presidents exhibit at Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

Disney officials declined to say how much it cost to build an Obama. They have cloaked the project with a blanket of secrecy befitting the Secret Service, permitting this reporter to be the only journalist thus far to view the figure up close but allowing only a Disney photographer to take its picture.

Mr. Obama has seen renderings of the figure, telling a Disney employee, Pamela Fisher, “that we had made him better-looking than he was.”

Mr. Obama is not the first president to send his voice, or inseam, to Disney World; George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were also given speaking roles in the exhibit during their terms and assisted Disney’s “imagineers” in the creation of their likenesses. But the Obama figure is assuredly the most lifelike of them all.

The public is to get its first glimpse of “Robobama,” as it is known among some handlers, on July 4. The unveiling will be in a Disney World theater, alongside animatronic figures of every other president. As in the past, the program will end with each president nodding or turning toward the audience during a roll call, as if Mount Rushmore had suddenly come alive.

“Young children watch this, and you want them to feel a sense of identification with the president,” said Doris Kearns Goodwin, a presidential historian, who was recruited by Disney two years ago to write a Hollywood-style treatment about the presidents, which became the basis for a 20-minute documentary made for the exhibit. “This makes the president someone not so far removed from them.”

The exhibit opened in the early 1970s under the direct supervision of Walt Disney and has resulted in countless middle school term papers about the presidents. It has been closed since Election Day as it receives the biggest face-lift in its history.

The company has much riding on the exhibit, with visitors’ spending at Disney World having dipped sharply in the midst of the economic downturn.

The exhibit will open with the new film, narrated by the actor Morgan Freeman. At a certain point, the Abraham Lincoln figure will rise and speak to the audience, as it always has, but now it will deliver the Gettysburg Address in its entirety.

“And this is the first time George Washington will have a speaking role,” said Kathy Rogers, a senior show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, the unit that oversees the creative side of the theme parks.

But the emotional high point is intended to be the introduction of the Obama figure, who will yet again be heard taking the oath.

Mr. Obama recorded this version on March 4 in the White House Map Room — the same room where he retook the oath after a minor flub on Inauguration Day — to accommodate the Disney World theater’s new sound system. At that time, Mr. Obama also read aloud a short speech to be delivered by the figure, one that ultimately passed through the computer of Jon Favreau, a presidential speechwriter.

“That speech took a village,” said Ms. Fisher, the senior Disney writer on the project who along with Ms. Rogers traveled to Washington in March to guide the president through his role.

The Obama figure’s closest forefather is not Lincoln but a modern-day Capt. Jack Sparrow. Assisted by Johnny Depp, who played the captain in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Disney recently installed an animatronic version of the Sparrow character in the Orlando theme park.

The Obama figure is the result of attention to minute details by Disney sculptors, animators, engineers and even anatomists who pored over presidential photographs and video of him and then drew on the latest advances in robotic technology.

Thus the audio-animatronic Obama purses its lips to pronounce its b’s and p’s in a way frighteningly evocative of the real one, and raises its hands, open-palmed, while shrugging its shoulders, in a way that can only be described as Obamaesque. Even the president’s wedding ring, with its braided design, has been recreated.

After their work was done with the president, Ms. Fisher and Ms. Rogers said they were given a special tour of the White House.

For Ms. Fisher, there was a sense of déjà vu. She had traveled to the White House on Disney’s behalf in 2001 to capture the voice of Mr. Bush. After he had finished his “take,” she said, he stiffened his arms and “started acting like he was an animatronic figure.”

“He’s got a sense of humor,” she added.

To top it all off a great photo was included

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Star Wars Weekend Updates!

A Park Map and Events Schedule for this weekends Star Wars Weekend have appeared online!
Click The Link for a PDF Map and Schedule. Thanks to David Parfitt from the DIS-Unplugged!

Have a magical day!


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

"Luxo Jr" Coming soon to Pixar Place?

It has been rumoured for a while that Pixars famous Lamp will be appearing in the "Disney Hollywood Studios" as an Audio Animatronic. But rumours are starting to take shape. Today pictures have appeared of a small area of construction near "Toy Story Mania" in "Pixar Place" with a silver platform, service hatch and speakers already installed. So watch this space.
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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Disneyland Paris Mobile Information!

A brand new information service for mobile phones has now started and is available at Disneyland Paris using bluetooth. If gives you access to practical information for your stay including opening times, show and parade schedules, and attraction wait times. This service is free apart from what you pay for WAP already with you mobile provider. Sounds like a nice idea but personally apart from wait times I wouldn't be desperate for information on my mobile because I can simply pick up a park schedule at the entrance. I also think it would be a shame if people are STARING at there mobiles while they are in the most beautiful Disney Park in the world!!

Have a magical day!


Here is a photo (In French) showing what the service offers.....

Star Wars Weekend Updates!

I know I know, Its the second consecutive post about "Star Wars" but seeing as "Star Wars Weekends" Begin this Friday at WDW I have a good reason.
Firstly the special events have been announced by Disney
They Consist of...

Clone Wars: Behind the Force – A behind-the-scenes show that explores the excitement of Star Wars: The Clone Wars led by Ashley Eckstein

Jedi Training Academy – Which you can do any other day at DHS????

Star Tours Attraction – Again not really a special event, and the queues will be HUGE.

Autograph Sessions - With Star Wars Actors

Legends of the Force – Star Wars themed motorcade

Stars of the Saga – Talk Show and Q&A hosted by Jay Lagaaia

Padawan Mind Challenge – Kids under 12 can test their wits before the Jedi Council!

Hyperspace Hoopla – Star Wars characters and guests gather for an entertaining conclusion to each day’s events.

Wicket’s Warehouse – Shop a galaxy of Star Wars themed and limited-edition merchandise developed just for Star Wars Weekends 2009. (in other words how Disney can lighten your wallet).

As well as the events the OFFICIAL Logo for 2009 has been released and I think its pretty damn cool.

Have a magical day!


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oz confirms Star Tours 2

A recent interview with "Frank Oz" proved that Star Tours 2 is becoming a reality. It has been rumored for a few years now that the 22 year old ride would get an updated film and simulator system. LA Times journalist "Geoff Boucher" was talking to Frank about one of his most recognised characters (YODA) and Geoff asked "So when was the last time you did the voice? and Frank replied with
"It was not long ago at all, I was recording dialogue for the new Disney ride.".......

There we go! I think that he is a pretty reliable source, the new ride is rumoured to use characters from both the original and prequel trilogy of Star Wars with possible 3d film and High Definition video screens on the side of the ride simulator as well as the main cinema screen. On top of all this technology there is also rumored usage of "Musion" which is a holographic projection system that allows an image to appear looking almost 3 dimensional without needing specialist glasses. I saw use of this technology last September in "Universal Orlando", in a pre-show for "Disaster" on a dimly lit stage famous actor "Christopher Walken" literally walks onto the stage and talks to the audience. Its very VERY impressive. Now the rumoured Star Wars character that will be projected is "Admiral Ackbar" who is loved for one of the greatest lines in Star Wars "ITS A TRAP".

I cannot wait to see this. I should think that this upgrade could be applied to all the Star Tours attractions worldwide. No dates yet for opening or construction but all I can suggest is to watch this SPACE....................................damn I'm funny!

Have a magical day!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Discoveryland Pools Cleaned!

The murky water that filled the lagoon holding Captains Nemo's Nautilus has gone. And has been replaced with fresh clean water. It looks so good right now and keeps the park clean, tidy and pretty! Dlrptimes reported that it had been replaced this morning. Good work Disney!! Now how about removing those awful decorations from the front of the castle???
For Pictures click here to visit the original report-

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Friday, 8 May 2009

"Goofy's Summer Camp" at Disneyland Paris

Reports from a Disney Central Plaza member "magicdays" has stated that the show to take over from "Tarzan- the encounter" at the Chaparral Theatre in Frontierland will be A "Goofy's Summer Camp" Show. It is said to be a lively, funny and interactive show. The show will include a brand new set, with live musicians and Disney Characters.
It has quite a short run starting on July 4th-August 30th. Sounds like great fun. Its just a shame it won't be open during my September trip. In my opinion Goofy is one of those characters that deserves some limelight, I might be biased because he is my favourite character but his "HOW TO" antics are some of the best Disney cartoons out there. Go on and be Goofy at Disney this summer!
Have a magical day!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"Would you like some magic with your coffee sir?"

News has come out of a brand new way to purchase your Disneyland Paris Tickets. "Onboard Retail Solutions" have signed a deal with DLP to sell ticket vouchers onboard trains and flights destined for Paris. The stewards onboard your journey will be offering a variety of Park Passes from 1 day/1park to week long hopper passes at competitive rates by using a handheld device which is made to Disney Specifications to offer the best deal for the guest and protect against ticket forgery.

This looks amazing, and a really good way of getting more people into the park. It acts as a great way of reminding travellers that there is a swell little theme park just outside of Paris, and prising open the wallets of parents who were trying to ignore it existed.
Have a magical day!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Book Review: Walt Disney An American Original by Bob Thomas

As a Disney fan I'm sure you would agree that there are never enough books to read about the Man and his legacy. This is a great addition to every Disney Collection, that being said this book isn't perfect.
It is a great starting point if you haven't read any Walt biogs before. Bob Thomas provides you with a clear and concise series of events. Showing Walt's influences and giving an insight into his mind and magic.
The anecdotes of Walt's family, friends and employees are entertaining as ever, the facts and figures about the company are intriguing and the description of the most emotional times in Walt's life are handled with care. But it lacks something. Some would argue it lacks an "angle", I say it lacks true depth. When I put the book down I didn't feel as if I knew Walt anymore than I did before I picked it up. Too often moments in his life are mentioned and never explored. I needed more detail, as any Disney enthusiast would. I also felt disappointed at the usual stock photos in the centre of the book that offered about the same insight as googled images would have.

That being said it was a very easy and enjoyable book to read and Bob Thomas gave what I considered to be an unbiased and accessible account of Walt's life.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Disney's Hollywood Studios!

"The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood—not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a Hollywood that never was—and always will be." Michael Eisner spoke these words 20 years ago today, on the opening day of the park.

Disney Hollywood/MGM Studios has been a great addition to Walt Disney World, giving guests a chance to experience the hustle and bustle and Movie magic of a 1930s studio. The first Disney park to have no distinctly themed lands, with a mix of attractions showcasing the minds, magic and (sometimes) mayhem behind the scenes of film, theatre and TV productions. From out and out thrill rides to inspiring exhibits, DHS offers something special to everyone who walks through the gate.
May it go from strength to strength in the next 20 years!

Have a magical day!


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration Begins Soon!

Over in the WDW Magic Kingdom fences are down and opening dates are up for the brand new Stitch show. Starting on May 6th one of the most popular (and overused) character gets his very own show in Tommorowland.
Disney describes it as "A live broadcast of the Tomorrowland News Network, with your host Tip Trend0, is interrupted by a video transmission from Stitch, who has "borrowed" a space cruiser assigned to cover Galaxy Day—a special celebration where everyone around the galaxy celebrates everything worth celebrating.Stitch is always up for a good party! Join Stitch, Tip, the singing Galactic Girls and some surprise guests for an out-of-this-world party filled with music and dancing. Learn some space-age dance moves and groove to old favorites and original songs with the intergalactic crew on stage". It sounds alot like the new Stitch Dance Party in Discoveryland,(Disneyland Paris) which has had some bad reviews. And even though I haven't seen it in person, the full video I have seen of the DLP show was less than enjoyable. It made me think of a tacky redcoat show. The lack lustre dance crew in there garish clothes were ill-placed in the Jules Verne inspired landscape and the music was jarring against the strong orchestral tones that usually are heard in Discoveryland.
My fingers and toes are crossed for Stitch's next outing to WDW!

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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Creepy Peddlers

Outside of the entrance to "Parc Disneyland" and "Walt Disney Studios Paris", at the "Resort Hub" the young are full of happiness and joy and the young at heart are looking forward to feeling like a kid again. Music plays and excitement is in the air. But then a strange man with a uncomfortable smile edges his way into your magic. He takes out his camera and places a cheap tattered toy dog at your feet, his spiny hands dig into your shoulder as he begs you to let him take a picture or sell your child a piece of crap toy. BEWARE THE CREEPY PEDDLERS!

This has been a problem at "Disneyland Paris" since time began. Simply due to Disney not owning the "Marne La Valle Station" and the patch of land outside of it. This means that ANYONE can cash in on the happy tourists that flood this pathway. They call out to you "Hey Big Guy You Like A Picture" or "You Wanna The Mobile Phony". It drives me crazy, it feels the air with a cheap smell. Making you feel intimidated, bullied and hassled.

Now I understand people need to make a living etc etc but they cause problems. After paying hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds on Disney holidays the LAST thing the guests deserve is to be mugged as they get off the train to get to the parks. All Disney need to do is buy that piece of land and then the problem is ended. Disney will then have the right to remove these dodgy dealers and send them to the streets of Paris.

Please do not make eye contact with these villains.

Please Ignore them.

And Disney please just buy the land. Do your guests a favour.

Have a magical day


Friday, 24 April 2009

Pirates are Hiring! in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World will be opening a brand new experience aimed at the kid with a swashbuckling fancy and a parent with a bottomless wallet. "Pirates League" is basically a new version of the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" a beauty salon in the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney where little girls dreams come true as they are transformed into little Princesses or mini Montana's etc all for a highly inflated price. "Pirates League" will open June 29th 2009 (bookings open May 11th) and will give little boys the chance to transform into scurvy rouges and take the pirate oath while their own Pirate Helper recalls tales of piratical adventures. After the transformation they will have an official photo and become a true member of Jack Sparrows motley crew! A great turn from Disney and long overdue, I think kids will go nuts about this. I just wish I could be a member of Jacks gang...

Prices are as follows;

The First Mate Package (for Boys)-$49.95 which includes a bandanna, choice of facial effects, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, 5x7 photo and a personalized pirate oath.

The Empress Package(for Girls)-$49.95 which includes a bandanna, makeup, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, 5x7 photo and a personalized pirate oath.

The Captains Package -$124.95 which includes a choice of costume, facial effects, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, three 5x7 photos and a personalized pirate oath.

The "Pirates League" can be found between the "Pirates Of the Caribbean" Entrance and Gift Shop!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Happy Birthday Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Its 11 years old today and how time flys. Opening on April 22nd 1998 at the Walt Disney World resort Florida, Animal Kingdom was the first Disney Park to be completely themed and built with Animal conservation in mind. I believe it to be one of the best themed parks also. With areas like Asia and Africa themed to perfection. The attention to detail is superb and the animal exhibits are beautiful, you cant see cages or anything which you may expect from an animal park. As Disney themselves call the park "NAHTAZU" pronounced "not a zoo".

The park didn't have a smooth beginning though PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) and other local animal rights groups didn't like the idea of a "theme" park holding animals in captivity and battled with Disney, even before they had visited the park! On opening day there were infact over 150 police officers ready for a huge protest, luckily only 24 protesters showed up and were dealt with (probably waved off with a mickey glove). The park actually has exceeded normal standards of the Association of zoos and aquariums. But some people just want to cause trouble, Walt Disney was once quoted saying "I much prefer animals to people" when he came out of a difficult meeting.

The park has gone from strength to strength, most recently opening Expedition Everest, one of the best themed coasters in the world, with an amazing queue which I would call an attraction in itself. And the Mount Everest replica that was built for the ride is a sight to behold.

I'm sure that the park will grow in size and beauty in the future that lays before us!

Have a magical day!


The Happiest Way To The Magic!

How about the most relaxing and comfortable way of getting from Paris airports to DLP? without battling for a space on a bus or train, without screaming kids and at a fairly reasonable price. "Paris Shuttles VIP" offers transfers from the airport direct to DLP with comfortable luxury cars and English speaking drivers. The Uniformed driver will wait for you and the prices are fixed so no extra charges if the driver goes the long way. Its just under 20euros each for two passengers sharing, only 4euros more than a transfer on a official Disney Coach (which can be murder sometimes!). Personally I usually get there direct on the Eurostar but if on the other hand if the Airport is closer to you this looks like a perfect stress free transfer. I would definitely use it! At least until Teleportation is invented.

Find out more at

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Star Wars Weekend's Line Up and Dates!

Its back and as big as ever. In Walt Disney World Florida at Disney's Hollywood Studios park starting from May 22 to June 14, 2009. Its over 4 weekends and gives guests a chance to meet Star Wars actors, take part in special events and watch special parades and shows. Beware though, the park will be MUCH busier than usual.

The dates and Special guests are as Follows:
May 22-24 - Ray Park, Warwick Davis and James Arnold Taylor.
May 29-31 - Peter Mayhew and Matthew Wood.
June 5-7 - Jeremy Bulloch, David Prowse and Matt Lanter.
June 12-14 - Dave Filoni and Temuera Morrison.
I have always wanted to go to this but alas I shall have to take part in the same way I always do, Watch it on you tube!
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"Grizzly River Run" Coming To Disneyland Paris?

Rumours have come through and picture evidence has shown that the much needed Disneyland Paris water ride is likely to be "Grizzly River Run" a ride currently found at DCA (Disney's Californian Adventure".

By the looks of an image posted by loaloa on Disney Central Plaza, the ride would be built behind the Frontierland Train Station. There have been rumours of Splash Mountain being built in this particular area but I personally think that a Rapid Ride like this would be a great addition as long as it has a more "Wild West Theme" than the DCA version. The original ride contains a section where riders flow past exploding geysers, which would fit perfectly having the geysers next to Boot Hill. For me Splash Mountain would edge Disneyland Park nearer to becoming a generic "Magic Kingdom Park", something which scares me. But altogether I think that "Grizzly River Run" would be a good move from Disney!

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"To all who come to this happy place welcome"- Walter Elias Disney
This is my first official post. From the Parks to the Resort Hotels and Dining to Travel news I promise to keep you updated with news and my views on goings on at DLP and WDW. I may even throw in a few Disney Film reviews along the way.

Have a magical day!