Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"Would you like some magic with your coffee sir?"

News has come out of a brand new way to purchase your Disneyland Paris Tickets. "Onboard Retail Solutions" have signed a deal with DLP to sell ticket vouchers onboard trains and flights destined for Paris. The stewards onboard your journey will be offering a variety of Park Passes from 1 day/1park to week long hopper passes at competitive rates by using a handheld device which is made to Disney Specifications to offer the best deal for the guest and protect against ticket forgery.

This looks amazing, and a really good way of getting more people into the park. It acts as a great way of reminding travellers that there is a swell little theme park just outside of Paris, and prising open the wallets of parents who were trying to ignore it existed.
Have a magical day!

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