Monday, 4 May 2009

Book Review: Walt Disney An American Original by Bob Thomas

As a Disney fan I'm sure you would agree that there are never enough books to read about the Man and his legacy. This is a great addition to every Disney Collection, that being said this book isn't perfect.
It is a great starting point if you haven't read any Walt biogs before. Bob Thomas provides you with a clear and concise series of events. Showing Walt's influences and giving an insight into his mind and magic.
The anecdotes of Walt's family, friends and employees are entertaining as ever, the facts and figures about the company are intriguing and the description of the most emotional times in Walt's life are handled with care. But it lacks something. Some would argue it lacks an "angle", I say it lacks true depth. When I put the book down I didn't feel as if I knew Walt anymore than I did before I picked it up. Too often moments in his life are mentioned and never explored. I needed more detail, as any Disney enthusiast would. I also felt disappointed at the usual stock photos in the centre of the book that offered about the same insight as googled images would have.

That being said it was a very easy and enjoyable book to read and Bob Thomas gave what I considered to be an unbiased and accessible account of Walt's life.

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