Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration Begins Soon!

Over in the WDW Magic Kingdom fences are down and opening dates are up for the brand new Stitch show. Starting on May 6th one of the most popular (and overused) character gets his very own show in Tommorowland.
Disney describes it as "A live broadcast of the Tomorrowland News Network, with your host Tip Trend0, is interrupted by a video transmission from Stitch, who has "borrowed" a space cruiser assigned to cover Galaxy Day—a special celebration where everyone around the galaxy celebrates everything worth celebrating.Stitch is always up for a good party! Join Stitch, Tip, the singing Galactic Girls and some surprise guests for an out-of-this-world party filled with music and dancing. Learn some space-age dance moves and groove to old favorites and original songs with the intergalactic crew on stage". It sounds alot like the new Stitch Dance Party in Discoveryland,(Disneyland Paris) which has had some bad reviews. And even though I haven't seen it in person, the full video I have seen of the DLP show was less than enjoyable. It made me think of a tacky redcoat show. The lack lustre dance crew in there garish clothes were ill-placed in the Jules Verne inspired landscape and the music was jarring against the strong orchestral tones that usually are heard in Discoveryland.
My fingers and toes are crossed for Stitch's next outing to WDW!

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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Creepy Peddlers

Outside of the entrance to "Parc Disneyland" and "Walt Disney Studios Paris", at the "Resort Hub" the young are full of happiness and joy and the young at heart are looking forward to feeling like a kid again. Music plays and excitement is in the air. But then a strange man with a uncomfortable smile edges his way into your magic. He takes out his camera and places a cheap tattered toy dog at your feet, his spiny hands dig into your shoulder as he begs you to let him take a picture or sell your child a piece of crap toy. BEWARE THE CREEPY PEDDLERS!

This has been a problem at "Disneyland Paris" since time began. Simply due to Disney not owning the "Marne La Valle Station" and the patch of land outside of it. This means that ANYONE can cash in on the happy tourists that flood this pathway. They call out to you "Hey Big Guy You Like A Picture" or "You Wanna The Mobile Phony". It drives me crazy, it feels the air with a cheap smell. Making you feel intimidated, bullied and hassled.

Now I understand people need to make a living etc etc but they cause problems. After paying hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds on Disney holidays the LAST thing the guests deserve is to be mugged as they get off the train to get to the parks. All Disney need to do is buy that piece of land and then the problem is ended. Disney will then have the right to remove these dodgy dealers and send them to the streets of Paris.

Please do not make eye contact with these villains.

Please Ignore them.

And Disney please just buy the land. Do your guests a favour.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Pirates are Hiring! in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World will be opening a brand new experience aimed at the kid with a swashbuckling fancy and a parent with a bottomless wallet. "Pirates League" is basically a new version of the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" a beauty salon in the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney where little girls dreams come true as they are transformed into little Princesses or mini Montana's etc all for a highly inflated price. "Pirates League" will open June 29th 2009 (bookings open May 11th) and will give little boys the chance to transform into scurvy rouges and take the pirate oath while their own Pirate Helper recalls tales of piratical adventures. After the transformation they will have an official photo and become a true member of Jack Sparrows motley crew! A great turn from Disney and long overdue, I think kids will go nuts about this. I just wish I could be a member of Jacks gang...

Prices are as follows;

The First Mate Package (for Boys)-$49.95 which includes a bandanna, choice of facial effects, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, 5x7 photo and a personalized pirate oath.

The Empress Package(for Girls)-$49.95 which includes a bandanna, makeup, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, 5x7 photo and a personalized pirate oath.

The Captains Package -$124.95 which includes a choice of costume, facial effects, sword and sheath, pirate coin necklace, three 5x7 photos and a personalized pirate oath.

The "Pirates League" can be found between the "Pirates Of the Caribbean" Entrance and Gift Shop!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Happy Birthday Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Its 11 years old today and how time flys. Opening on April 22nd 1998 at the Walt Disney World resort Florida, Animal Kingdom was the first Disney Park to be completely themed and built with Animal conservation in mind. I believe it to be one of the best themed parks also. With areas like Asia and Africa themed to perfection. The attention to detail is superb and the animal exhibits are beautiful, you cant see cages or anything which you may expect from an animal park. As Disney themselves call the park "NAHTAZU" pronounced "not a zoo".

The park didn't have a smooth beginning though PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) and other local animal rights groups didn't like the idea of a "theme" park holding animals in captivity and battled with Disney, even before they had visited the park! On opening day there were infact over 150 police officers ready for a huge protest, luckily only 24 protesters showed up and were dealt with (probably waved off with a mickey glove). The park actually has exceeded normal standards of the Association of zoos and aquariums. But some people just want to cause trouble, Walt Disney was once quoted saying "I much prefer animals to people" when he came out of a difficult meeting.

The park has gone from strength to strength, most recently opening Expedition Everest, one of the best themed coasters in the world, with an amazing queue which I would call an attraction in itself. And the Mount Everest replica that was built for the ride is a sight to behold.

I'm sure that the park will grow in size and beauty in the future that lays before us!

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The Happiest Way To The Magic!

How about the most relaxing and comfortable way of getting from Paris airports to DLP? without battling for a space on a bus or train, without screaming kids and at a fairly reasonable price. "Paris Shuttles VIP" offers transfers from the airport direct to DLP with comfortable luxury cars and English speaking drivers. The Uniformed driver will wait for you and the prices are fixed so no extra charges if the driver goes the long way. Its just under 20euros each for two passengers sharing, only 4euros more than a transfer on a official Disney Coach (which can be murder sometimes!). Personally I usually get there direct on the Eurostar but if on the other hand if the Airport is closer to you this looks like a perfect stress free transfer. I would definitely use it! At least until Teleportation is invented.

Find out more at

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Star Wars Weekend's Line Up and Dates!

Its back and as big as ever. In Walt Disney World Florida at Disney's Hollywood Studios park starting from May 22 to June 14, 2009. Its over 4 weekends and gives guests a chance to meet Star Wars actors, take part in special events and watch special parades and shows. Beware though, the park will be MUCH busier than usual.

The dates and Special guests are as Follows:
May 22-24 - Ray Park, Warwick Davis and James Arnold Taylor.
May 29-31 - Peter Mayhew and Matthew Wood.
June 5-7 - Jeremy Bulloch, David Prowse and Matt Lanter.
June 12-14 - Dave Filoni and Temuera Morrison.
I have always wanted to go to this but alas I shall have to take part in the same way I always do, Watch it on you tube!
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"Grizzly River Run" Coming To Disneyland Paris?

Rumours have come through and picture evidence has shown that the much needed Disneyland Paris water ride is likely to be "Grizzly River Run" a ride currently found at DCA (Disney's Californian Adventure".

By the looks of an image posted by loaloa on Disney Central Plaza, the ride would be built behind the Frontierland Train Station. There have been rumours of Splash Mountain being built in this particular area but I personally think that a Rapid Ride like this would be a great addition as long as it has a more "Wild West Theme" than the DCA version. The original ride contains a section where riders flow past exploding geysers, which would fit perfectly having the geysers next to Boot Hill. For me Splash Mountain would edge Disneyland Park nearer to becoming a generic "Magic Kingdom Park", something which scares me. But altogether I think that "Grizzly River Run" would be a good move from Disney!

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"To all who come to this happy place welcome"- Walter Elias Disney
This is my first official post. From the Parks to the Resort Hotels and Dining to Travel news I promise to keep you updated with news and my views on goings on at DLP and WDW. I may even throw in a few Disney Film reviews along the way.

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