Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Toy Story 3 Character Revealed!!

I know this isn't exactly Disney theme park news but its Disney related so cut me some slack.
The Toy Story 3 team have revealed that a new "Toy Story 3" character has been hidden in one of the scenes of the new Pixar "Up" movie.

Pixar said: "There's a shot where a little girl is in her room and the house goes by. She's playing with her toys. She's playing with her little plane. She gets up, and she looks [out the window] – under her bed is one of the new stars of 'Toy Story 3'. You have to look close."

Many took a closer look at the scene that appears in the "Up" trailer and found several items under the bed, including a teddy bear, slippers, and a potato chip/crisp.

Here are a few pics

It was later confirmed that the teddy bear WAS the new character and his name is "Lotto"! Looks cute, and who knows, maybe "Lotto" will be appearing in Toy Story Playland in Disneyland Paris??

Have a magical day!


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