Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oz confirms Star Tours 2

A recent interview with "Frank Oz" proved that Star Tours 2 is becoming a reality. It has been rumored for a few years now that the 22 year old ride would get an updated film and simulator system. LA Times journalist "Geoff Boucher" was talking to Frank about one of his most recognised characters (YODA) and Geoff asked "So when was the last time you did the voice? and Frank replied with
"It was not long ago at all, I was recording dialogue for the new Disney ride.".......

There we go! I think that he is a pretty reliable source, the new ride is rumoured to use characters from both the original and prequel trilogy of Star Wars with possible 3d film and High Definition video screens on the side of the ride simulator as well as the main cinema screen. On top of all this technology there is also rumored usage of "Musion" which is a holographic projection system that allows an image to appear looking almost 3 dimensional without needing specialist glasses. I saw use of this technology last September in "Universal Orlando", in a pre-show for "Disaster" on a dimly lit stage famous actor "Christopher Walken" literally walks onto the stage and talks to the audience. Its very VERY impressive. Now the rumoured Star Wars character that will be projected is "Admiral Ackbar" who is loved for one of the greatest lines in Star Wars "ITS A TRAP".

I cannot wait to see this. I should think that this upgrade could be applied to all the Star Tours attractions worldwide. No dates yet for opening or construction but all I can suggest is to watch this SPACE....................................damn I'm funny!

Have a magical day!


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