Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New "Private Areas" in Disney Water Parks.

Starting from last Monday June 1, the WDW water parks are offering visitors the chance to rent a private area for up to 6 guests. The private area will consist of lounge furniture, tables, towels, private lockers and offer guests all-day drink mugs, bottled water,and the use of a server. There are 4 private areas offered right now in each water park on a first come, first served basis and the cost of this is $250 plus tax for a day. The names of the private areas are "Beachcomber Shacks" in "Typhoon Lagoon" and "Polar Patios" in "Blizzard Beach".

This is a complete and utter rip off in my opinion.
The photos show the "Private area to be some beach loungers shoved together under a canopy. The surroundings look uninspiring to say the least, and most people bring there own bottled water anyway. You can quite easily find a nice area to rest in comfort within these exceptionally attractive Water parks without spending this appalling amount of money. The price doesn't even include food of any kind. And in my experience people do not usually spend their whole day in the Water parks either.
The only people who are likely to rent these paddocks out are going to be the "too rich to care" or the "too stupid to care". Some will argue that it is much cheaper when you break the cost between 6 people but $41 each plus the recently inflated admission to the water parks and the likely hood of wanting a bite to eat (not included in the private area) the price will end up well over $100 per person for a glorified shed. Disney have made a very bad move. When people are struggling to pay the bills and afford a vacation this is not the time to rip people off.

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