Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration Begins Soon!

Over in the WDW Magic Kingdom fences are down and opening dates are up for the brand new Stitch show. Starting on May 6th one of the most popular (and overused) character gets his very own show in Tommorowland.
Disney describes it as "A live broadcast of the Tomorrowland News Network, with your host Tip Trend0, is interrupted by a video transmission from Stitch, who has "borrowed" a space cruiser assigned to cover Galaxy Day—a special celebration where everyone around the galaxy celebrates everything worth celebrating.Stitch is always up for a good party! Join Stitch, Tip, the singing Galactic Girls and some surprise guests for an out-of-this-world party filled with music and dancing. Learn some space-age dance moves and groove to old favorites and original songs with the intergalactic crew on stage". It sounds alot like the new Stitch Dance Party in Discoveryland,(Disneyland Paris) which has had some bad reviews. And even though I haven't seen it in person, the full video I have seen of the DLP show was less than enjoyable. It made me think of a tacky redcoat show. The lack lustre dance crew in there garish clothes were ill-placed in the Jules Verne inspired landscape and the music was jarring against the strong orchestral tones that usually are heard in Discoveryland.
My fingers and toes are crossed for Stitch's next outing to WDW!

Have a magical day!


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