Monday, 27 April 2009

The Creepy Peddlers

Outside of the entrance to "Parc Disneyland" and "Walt Disney Studios Paris", at the "Resort Hub" the young are full of happiness and joy and the young at heart are looking forward to feeling like a kid again. Music plays and excitement is in the air. But then a strange man with a uncomfortable smile edges his way into your magic. He takes out his camera and places a cheap tattered toy dog at your feet, his spiny hands dig into your shoulder as he begs you to let him take a picture or sell your child a piece of crap toy. BEWARE THE CREEPY PEDDLERS!

This has been a problem at "Disneyland Paris" since time began. Simply due to Disney not owning the "Marne La Valle Station" and the patch of land outside of it. This means that ANYONE can cash in on the happy tourists that flood this pathway. They call out to you "Hey Big Guy You Like A Picture" or "You Wanna The Mobile Phony". It drives me crazy, it feels the air with a cheap smell. Making you feel intimidated, bullied and hassled.

Now I understand people need to make a living etc etc but they cause problems. After paying hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds on Disney holidays the LAST thing the guests deserve is to be mugged as they get off the train to get to the parks. All Disney need to do is buy that piece of land and then the problem is ended. Disney will then have the right to remove these dodgy dealers and send them to the streets of Paris.

Please do not make eye contact with these villains.

Please Ignore them.

And Disney please just buy the land. Do your guests a favour.

Have a magical day


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